From Blank Canvas to Garment: A Creative Journey of Discovery (Paperback)

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The book is a vivid honest story of a Fashion designer, looking for her inner voice and true self, throughout creative process dynamics, critical thinking, inspirations, fashion dramas, failing attempts and lots of self-analysis.

Deep socio-anthropological reflections alternate with story-telling, helping the curious reader to discover the intricate maze of an artist's mind, unravelling doubts and questions regarding the psychological flux at the base of every creative process, its relevance, and crucial role in fostering a deeper sense of awareness and consistent artistic sensitivity within the individual.

The "blank canvas", as a constant, delicate presence, since the very beginning, is a metaphor of our existence, of a never-ending learning process, that finally finds its perfect solution and representation in the final chapters, unleashing its inner deepest meaning. The results is a perfect blend of narrative, non fiction, and ironic autobiography, that not only leads the upcoming artist, but also the curious reader, even when avulsed from creative processes towards a journey of re-discovery of its imaginative potential, and creative being.

Marella Campagna is a fashion designer by origin and a writer by adoption.

In her adolescence she endured classical studies, which lit her passion for literature, reading and writing, complementing the artistic skills which she nurtured ever since she was a child, particularly in the areas of drawing and garment design.

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ISBN: 9781911221661
ISBN-10: 1911221663
Publisher: Balestier Press
Publication Date: June 10th, 2019
Pages: 172
Language: English