TidePool Together

Our gatherings are both in-person and virtual. We welcome you to review the wonderful events we have had virtually so far! We hope to see you at the next one!

September 28, 2021: H.D.S. Greenway, author of Loaded with Dynamite: Unintended Consquences of Woodrow Wilson's Idealism, in conversation with Ted Widmer, author of Lincoln on the Verge.

March 31: The real James Bond: A Conversation with author, Jim Wright
James Bond: author, ornithologist, marksman, and . . . identity-theft victim? When James Bond published his landmark book, Birds of the West Indies, he had no idea it would set in motion events that would link him to the most iconic spy in the Western world and turn his life upside down. Here is the real story of the pipe-smoking, ruthless ornithologist who introduced the world to the exotic birds of the West Indies.

March 4: Warner Fletcher: And now for the rest of the story ... Scofield Thayer's Estate
Warner Fletcher of Fletcher, Tilton & Whipple in Worcester, Massachusetts, discusses the unusual circumstances surrounding the estate of famed art collector and editor of the Dial magazine, Scofield Thayer.

November 24: Fredrik Logevall, JFK: A Pulitzer Prize–winning historian took us as close as we have ever been to the real John F. Kennedy in this revelatory biography of the iconic, yet still elusive, thirty-fifth president. Video unavailable.

October 20: Lincoln on the Verge tells the story of America’s greatest president and the obstacles he overcame, well before he could take the oath of office and deliver his inaugural address. The Wall Street Journal raves: "Widmer brings off his panoramic, almost mystical interpretation with riveting panache. His book is not only a historical achievement but a literary one." 

October 6: Behind the Red VeilFrank Thoms went to the Soviet Union not to judge but to learn. As a result, he gained the trust and confidence of the people he befriended―and discovered much about himself. Behind the Red Veil recounts Frank’s quest to understand the Russian people. 

September 15: It Happened Here: Author and playwright, Richard Dresser disusses his new novel... "Set against a sobering and all-too-believable backdrop in which the 2020 elections are canceled and the president usurps his office for the next sixteen years, this is the story of one family divided by politics and ideology." Actors:Kevin O'Rourke and Janet Garish read dialog from the book. 

August 21: The Epic of Gilgamesh. Ancient historian Seth Richardson wraps up a "read-along" of The Epic of Gilgamesh with a Q &A with readers. Click here to see Seth's informative series of videos on the epic.


July 2: The Rise of Tourism on Martha's Vineyard. Join local historian Tom Dresser as he reveals the island's transformation from a fishing and whaling community into a premier tourist destination.
The Rise of Tourism on Martha's Vineyard by Thomas dresser


June 18: Scofield Thayer, The Man Who Made America Modern. Caroline Camougis and Jim Dempsey presented the life and times of Scofield Thayer (1889-1982), editor of The Dial magazine which introduced then unknown writers like T.S. Eliot and E.E. Cummings. He acquired a renowned art collection including Picasso, Matisse, Munch and others.
The Tortured Life of Scofield Thayer by James Dempsey


May 14: Preservation Worcester, Celebrating 50 Years. TidePool Together hosted our first event featuring Preservation Worcester and the publication of Saving the Best to Last to commemorate the organization's 50-year history. Deb Packard, Director of Preservation Worcester, and Jim Welu, Board member, gave an informative presentation.
Saving the Best to Last, edited by Deb Packard